The proceedings of the School-Conference are available online: PROCEEDINGS.

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General Information

Zolotye Peski As usual the School-Conference will take place in the sanatorium "Zolotye Peski" ("Golden Sands"). The sanatorium is a resort situated on the bank of the Sozh river in the picturesque pine and oak park, about 30 - 45 minutes' drive by road south of Gomel.
The address: Sanatorium 'Zolotye Peski', 247019 Gomel region, p/o Novaya Guta,
Tel. + 375 232 913517
Fax. + 375 232 913523
Web-site (in russian):

Gomel for population and size rates second in the Republic of Belarus. It's an industrial, educational, scientific and cultural centre. One may enjoy walking in the beautiful park with a hundred species of trees and see the Paskevich palace situated in the park as well as visit one of Gomel theatres.

Zolotye Peski A total of about 130 participants is expected to take part in the School-Conference. Persons wishing to attend should register in our registration page. The official invitation will be sent to the applicants after consideration of their applications. The deadline for applying is the 20-th of June 2015.

The participants will be accommodated in big sleeping buildings and smaller cottages, the rooms have bath/shower. Three meals per-day made to order will be served in the sanatorium canteen. Traditional Belarusian dishes will be suggested as well. The facilities available are: a swimming pool with mineral water, a football field, a sports hall, a billiard, a small shop, a bar, a library. Medical and health-improving facilities are available partly free of charge and some should be paid for. There is a spring of local mineral water available on the territory of the sanatorium.

English is the working language of the School-Conference and publications.

Zolotye Peski