The proceedings of the School-Conference are available online: PROCEEDINGS.

All presented lectures will be included in the School-Conference Proceedings. The posters will be published as thesis (title and abstract) or in some cases as articles. This point is at the Organizing Committee discretion. Contributions should not exceed 15 pages for a lecture and 5 pages for a poster. They have to be presented as a LaTeX file. The following sizes have to be used as a model for your article: 12 pt, textwidth = 133 mm, textheight = 196 mm. Tables and figures with captions have to be included into the text or placed after the bibliography. \epsfig style can be used. Ps and eps files for figures have to be presented also. Do not begin REFERENCES on a new page unless this is absolutely necessary. Participants are asked to check attentively their own papers (spelling, equations, references, etc.)

Please send your contribution by e-mail: (preferred) or Vladimir Makarenko

The DEADLINE for submitting contributions is October 30

We will save a lot of time if you use this TEMPLATE for your proceeding`s LaTeX source file:



\author{ Author1\thanks{E-mail:Aythor1@xxx.xx}, Author2\\
{\small Address1-2}\\
{\small Address3-}}

\section{Section 1}

Please, mimimize the number of extra LaTeX packages.

Formulas as well as figures should fit the page.

L \propto M
L \propto M\\
L \propto M\\
L \propto M

\section {Section 2}

If you don't know how to merge pictures into one figure,
just put them separatly with own captions.

\caption {Typical background event }